Meet Indu Varma

I am a multimedia artist based in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada. I paint, create ceramic sculptures and do print making.

Why am I passionate about creating art? What is so different about my art?

If we think of the world as the body, art is its soul. Without art the world would be lifeless.

My art:
- inspires,
- Makes meaningful connections
- Elevates spirits
- Has a spiritual quality
- Gives meaning to life

My unique creations:
- Hand-painted ceramics
- Image transfers on ceramic tiles
- Ceramic sculptures
- Mixed media paintings
- Limited edition original prints.

I value:
- People
- Relationships

My commitment:
- Provide customer service par excellence
- Create superb quality art

My core values:
- Strive for excellence
- Hard work
- Honesty
- Lifelong learning

I support:
- Mental health
- Women's shelters
- Hospital foundations
- Ecosystem preservation
- Local art organizations

Life throws us enough challenges. We need to rise above these and have high goals for ourselves. I believe that courage, determination, strength and perseverance that we have within us is far greater than any challenge that we are faced with.

So, you see, through the visual language of images I paint/sculpt stories that you can connect with at an emotional level and feel uplifted.

I love exploring, experimenting, learning new techniques and working with a variety of media. Creating art is my passion. If today were to be the last day of my life, I would still want to create art. It is the connection to my soul, which is expressed through colours and textures and shapes on paper, canvas or clay.

I am a lifelong learner. After a 37 year long teaching career, I went back to University to take visual arts courses and in 2016 I graduated with a visual arts degree from Université de Moncton.

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