January 3, 2024

Highlights of 2023

2023 was a year filled with creativity, art exhibitions, donations, and much more. The public art installation 'Sackville: A Visual Snapshot' was unveiled in February and a virtual tour can be done now from this website. Personal growth meant taking online courses and attending workshops.

Creating andexhibiting art was the focus in the year 2023. Here are some highlights of theyear.


Opening of the publicart installation, ‘Sackville: A Visual Snapshot’ took place at the Town Hall ofSackville, New Brunswick on February 15th during the Heritage Week. This was a massive undertaking, first the creation of tiles, then making all 14 pieces by installing the tiles on the cement board pieces, installation, and documentation of all the images.

I took part in 13different art exhibitions and shows. Here are images from some of these events.

1.    Sackville Art Fair - May 2023

Sackville Art Fair, May 2023
  1.   Village des artistes July 2023
Village des Artistes, July 2023
  1.   ‘Eternal Hope’ Solo exhibition Moncton Public Library Aug. 2023
Eternal Hope (Solo Exhibition) Moncton Public Library, Aug. 2023
  1.   Riverview Art Council Featured artist Riverview Public Library September 2023
Featured Artist, Riverview Public Library, Sept. 2023
  1.   Art Across the Marsh Studio Tour Oct. 2023
  2.   Riverview Art Council Art show Nov. 2023
  3.   Cercle des Artistes Peintres de Shediac Art show & sale Nov. 2023
Cercle des Artistes Peintres de Shediac Art Show, Nov. 2023
  1.   Riverview Public Library Annual Art Exhibition Nov. 2023
  1.   Sackville Art Association Members’ annual exhibition Nov. - Dec. 2023
Sackville Art Association Members' Show, Owen's Art Gallery, Nov.-Dec.2023
  1.   Art in Your Face Art show, Grand Barachois, Dec 2023
  2.   Moonlight Madness – A Holiday Art Affair Dec 2023
A Holiday Art Affair, Moonlight Madness, Dec. 2023
  1.   Struts Gallery Members’ Show & sale Dec. 2023
  2.   ‘Your Painted Insight’ virtual exhibition by Imprimo Dec 2023 – Mar.2024


Featured Member on CARFAC (Canadian Artists Representation / Le front desartistes canadiens) website.



Tantramar Seniors College ‘Phenomenal Females’, International Women's Day, March 2023


McKenzie College ‘Sackville: A Visual Snapshot’ Nov. 2023

Friends of Moncton Hospital Foundation donation of painting ‘Big Picture’ to be printed for donor recognition ($250,000 plus bracket). My painting 'Big Picture' conveys the message that sometimes in the day-to-day survival mode we lose sight of the big picture. Certainly, an individual who has donated more than $250,000 sees the big picture.

Friends of Moncton Foundation Donor Recognition

I am a lifelong learner, always trying to learnnew skills, and improve my technique. I took two online courses and attended aworkshop on Japanese Ink Wash Sumi-e painting.

The year ended with 8 weekly giveaways in Nov.and Dec. Each week in Nov. and Dec. I gave away aa piece of art – just to put asmile on someone’s face.


April 18, 2023

Sackville Blog 5

How do I depict a group of settlers that lived here in the 17th and 18th century? Representing the Acadians proved to be quite challenging. I couldn’t find images that would tell the story of Acadians and depict their existence in the Tantramar area. There are some paintings by some artists, but not actual photographs.

April 10, 2023

Sackville Blog 4

Who to Represent and How? There are multiple groups of inhabitants that lived, worked, and prospered in the Tantramar area. How do I represent them? Which images should I choose and what aspects to depict? This was a constant dialogue in my mind.