March 22, 2023

Sackville Blog 3

From photo to tile, there are many considerations and steps to take before an image is transferred from a photograph on to a ceramic tile.

There are many considerations and steps to take before an image is transferred from a photo onto a ceramic tile. When you look at the original photos and compare them with the images that you see on the ceramic tiles, you’ll notice some differences.


Many a times taking a photograph is a challenging task especially when an object is situated among many others that are not of much interest for the purpose of transferring an image onto a ceramic tile.


For example, see the photo of the loom that I took at the Saint James Textile Museum. There were many looms surrounding this one, as well as people weaving or doing other things. Hence, the angle of the photo isn’t as straight as I would have liked.

Photo - Indu Varma, Loom, St. James Textile Museum, Dorchester
Loom Tile

The same thing is true of the wedding dress photo which I took at the Keillor House Museum. The mannequin wearing the dress had been placed in an area surrounded by pieces of furniture and other mannequins wearing period costumes.

Photo - Indu Varma, Wedding Dress, Keillor House Museum, Dorchester
Wedding Dress Tile

I took the photos, but before using them, I needed to clean the images, straighten them, sharpen them,and increase the contrast. Many hours of work in Photoshop solved this problem.


Even at that some photos I couldn’t transfer properly. Look at the Mi’kmaq Porcupine quill box.It is a beautiful object. To get this image transferred with clean, crisplines, I drew with black ink drawing pen on each line of the porcupine quill.Otherwise, the lines would have been blurred and the details would have been lost.

Image Source: Nova Scotia Archives
Quill Box Tile

It has been a continuous process of discovery, learning, and improving the process. And the journey continues.

January 3, 2024

Highlights of 2023

2023 was a year filled with creativity, art exhibitions, donations, and much more. The public art installation 'Sackville: A Visual Snapshot' was unveiled in February and a virtual tour can be done now from this website. Personal growth meant taking online courses and attending workshops.

April 18, 2023

Sackville Blog 5

How do I depict a group of settlers that lived here in the 17th and 18th century? Representing the Acadians proved to be quite challenging. I couldn’t find images that would tell the story of Acadians and depict their existence in the Tantramar area. There are some paintings by some artists, but not actual photographs.