Self Confidence

CA$ 225.00 CAD

Self-confidence is like a lion hidden within you. The moment you call on this lion, magic begins to happen, all impossible things start becoming possible. This painting is a part of the series on my core values.

Watercolour on acid free paper
The Story Behind

"The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence." - Blake Lively

Self-confidence is one of me core values. Some time back I decided to create some paintings that speak of my core values. This required a lot of thinking and problem-solving. Core values are not concrete objects like a tree of flower or something tangible that I could draw or paint. How do you portray self-confidence? It is not a concrete object. Instead it is an intangible virtue that a human being possesses. After much thinking, I figured out how does my self-confidence make me feel? What kind of strength and resole does it give me? Hence, came the image of a lion representing self-confidence.

To me, believing in yourself is the first step to accomplishing anything in life. Life is not easy for the best of us. In fact, when we read or view the success stories of celebrities or famous people who have reached the pinnacle of success, we seldom know about the failures, setbacks or struggles they have endured.

I believe, if we awaken the lion of self-confidence within our hearts, it will give us the much needed courage to keep going.

"Your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude." - Michelle Obama

Product Detail

Self Confidence

CA$ 225.00 CAD

Title: Focus
Medium: Lino cut on Lenox acid free paper
Image size: 12"x12", Paper size: 15"X15.75", Framed: 20"X20"
Year: 2014
This black and white print is a part of the series, "Lessons Learned from Six-year Olds". Each piece is hand-printed by the artist. A portion of the money from the sale of this print is donated to mental health.

Knowing where one wants to go, setting the goal and focusing on it are important in order to succeed. If one can eliminate distractions and stay focused on a single goal, success is not hard to attain. Sometimes it takes a young six-year old to remind us of this. It is based on a true story.  

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