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Brunswick Hotel

The Brunswick Hotel was located next to the Band Stand in Sackville, NB. It was built in 1855-56 on Main Street, occupying the space where the former Fire Hall stood.

William McDonald built it during Prohibition Days and called it Temperance Hotel. Another name for it was the 'Barn'. It was built with the intention of housing College professors and their families, but unfortunately William McDonald died suddenly in Nov. 1857 leaving behind a wife and five children.

The following year, George Butler Estabrooks purchased it from William McDonals's estate and ran it as a hotel until his death in July 1881 (White Fence #63).

The Brunswick House was rebuilt in 1883 after a fire destroyed the original structure. The new building was three storey high and ninety feet long. Three different families operated it 1883-1941.

(photo 1910-1915)


Image Source: Shawn Mesheau