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Charles Frederick Allison's conversion to Methodism had a deep impact on him. He is remembered as the founder of Mount Allison University.

Thus, it stands to reason that Methodism had an important role to play in the establishment of the educational institutions at Mount Allison University.  

In 1840 the foundation of the first Methodist academy for boys was laid. In 1843 the Wesleyan Academy opened its doors to the students. In 1854 an academy for the girls was established.

The Mount Allison University chapel was built in 1964-65. It was the vision and initiative of Dr. Charles Herbert Johnson.

The chapel has a custom built organ of 1563 pipes, which was a gift of Dr. Ralph Pickard Bell. The chapel windows were a gift of his wife, Marjorie Young Bell.

The chapel is centrally located and is an important part of Mount Allison University campus.

For more information read the article, 'Mount Allison University Chapel' published by Tantramar Heritage Trust.


Image Sourrce: Tantramar Heritage Trust.