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Cranewood is a small stone country house constructed in the Georgian style. The home was built in 1836 by the prominent business man, William Crane. The architectural style, and use of local stone add to the character of this old house.

It is designated as a local historic place because of its association with Josiah Wood and William Crane. After the death of his first wife in 1830, William Craane started the construction of this stone house in 1836. He was elected to the House of Assembly and was Speaker of the House at the time of his death in 1853.

Josiah Wood was one of the first two graduates of Mount Allison University in 1863. Though he was admitted to the bar, but due to the ill health of his brother he went into business. He was involved in merchandising, real estate, banking, and railroading.

In 1975 Cranewood was purchased by the Mount Allison University. It was the home of the president of Mount Allison University before it was purchased by the Fisher family and was converted into the present bakery, restaurant, and boutique.

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Image Source: Mount Allison University Archives 7922/8/37