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The Saw Mill was located near present day Silver Lake.

The Mill Pond is a large body of water created by dykes and gristmills. It dates back to the pre-expulsion period (before 1755) of Acadian settlement in the Tantramar area.

In 1821 John Morice purchased north-easterly part of the mill pond and mill from John Harper. The Morice family ran the business until 1939 [ Link ]. Morice family added a grist mill, carding mill, and wood working factory [ Link ].

It is designated as a local historic place because of mills, mill dams, and its significance as the home of early Acadian settlers. The gristmill was built for the use of Acadiaan farmers.

The land surrounding the Mill Pond played an important role in the history. The French armies camped here when they were travelling to Upper provinces.


Image Source: Tantramar Heritage Trust