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Wedding Dress

This image is of a wedding dress displayed in the Keillor House Museum in Dorchester, NB. This wedding dress is of burgundy colour made with taffeta type of fabric. In the past wedding dresses didn't have to be white in colour.

When we think of a wedding dress today, the colour that comes to mind is white. Actually, this tradition of a white wedding dress only started after Queen Victoria wore a white dress for her wedding in 1840 to Prince Albert. This became a trend which was followed by the rich and the celebrities because only they could afford beautiful flowing silk and lace gowns.

In reality, the tradition goes back to Roman times (509 BC - 29BC). Women wore a white tunic symbolizing their chastity. IT was also associated with the Roman goddess Vesta, the goddess of health, home, and family. She was served by priestesses dressed in white.

Source: Why do Brides Wear White?


Image Source: Indu Varma

Photo taken at the Keillor House Museum, Dorchester, NB