Colours of Life

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When you look at the skyline of a city what does it make you think of? I look at the skyline and high-rise apartment buildings, I think of not just concrete structures but the life within those concrete walls. When you look at the colours in this painting, they are the colours of life. Red is the colour of energy, strength, power, and passion. Yellow is the colour of sunshine, positivity, and optimism. Green is the colour of trees, and plants, the colour of growth, nourishment, nurturing and creativity. Blue is the colour of water that is the essential life force. White is associated with peace, calmness and tranquility. Aren't these all the things that sustain the human raace?

acrylic on paper
The Story Behind

Life in big cities is very different from life in small rural communities. In bigger cities people who dwell in high rise buildings hardly know their neighbours. They tend to be reserved because they don't know who to trust. When I look at these buildings, I think of the colours of life that reside within these walls, the hopes, the dreams, and the ideas that materialize in life changing events. I think of the knowledge, the creativity, the strength, and passion that propels people towards accomplishing their goals. What is important is looking beyond what is in front of us and looking beyond the tangible that is visible. Afterall these are the colours of life that unite us because they are the colours each of us possesses.

Product Detail

Colours of Life

CA$ 225.00 CAD

Title: Focus
Medium: Lino cut on Lenox acid free paper
Image size: 12"x12", Paper size: 15"X15.75", Framed: 20"X20"
Year: 2014
This black and white print is a part of the series, "Lessons Learned from Six-year Olds". Each piece is hand-printed by the artist. A portion of the money from the sale of this print is donated to mental health.

Knowing where one wants to go, setting the goal and focusing on it are important in order to succeed. If one can eliminate distractions and stay focused on a single goal, success is not hard to attain. Sometimes it takes a young six-year old to remind us of this. It is based on a true story.  

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