CA$ 125.00 CAD

The painting creates an atmosphere of calmness, hope and beauty. As the first rays of the Sun touch the earth, the plants, and the earthlings come to life. It is magical to see how the Sunrise revitalizes all beings. It fills the atmosphere with happiness and positivity. Let this be the first thing you gaze at as you awaken!


Acrylic on canvas
The Story Behind

As the first rays of the Sun awaken each and every living being, the ethereal beauty of the Sun-kissed earth at that time is a sight to behold.  

This painting evokes the feeling of mesmerizing beauty and splendor when the earth is Sun-kissed as the first rays of the Sun fall on it.  It is like an ethereal loveliness as each leaf, each branch, each dew drop, each little creature is awakened and is Sun-kissed.

I look at this painting and I find myself standing in the middle of this landscape. The exquisite beauty of the Sun-kissed earth is beyond description as you will see in another painting, 'Fields of Hope'. It is a sight to behold, cherish and imprint in your memory for it is short-lived.

“What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles, to be sure; but scattered along life's pathway, the good they do is inconceivable.” ―  Joseph Addison

Smiles cost nothing, yet they do wonders by uplifting spirits!

Product Detail


CA$ 125.00 CAD

Title: Focus
Medium: Lino cut on Lenox acid free paper
Image size: 12"x12", Paper size: 15"X15.75", Framed: 20"X20"
Year: 2014
This black and white print is a part of the series, "Lessons Learned from Six-year Olds". Each piece is hand-printed by the artist. A portion of the money from the sale of this print is donated to mental health.

Knowing where one wants to go, setting the goal and focusing on it are important in order to succeed. If one can eliminate distractions and stay focused on a single goal, success is not hard to attain. Sometimes it takes a young six-year old to remind us of this. It is based on a true story.  

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